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Himachal Himachal

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Temples in Mandi District

Bhima Kaali Mata Temple

The Bhima Kaali is regarded as family goddess of the erstwhile Bushahar rulers and the Bhima Kaali Temple is located on the banks of river Beas. Dedicated to goddess Bhima Kaali, this temple represents an architectural marvel. Maa Kaali is the facet of Maa Durga and is so widely worshiped in northeastern parts of India.bhima kali mata mandi district himachal pradesh

Mythology says that at this place Lord Krishna fought a terrific war with Banasura, the demon King and the head of the routed king Banasura was buried in the earth here only. Later the descendants of the Yadava ruled this land and constructed a magnificent temple complex where Bhima Kaali adorns the main sanctum. The temple complex is dedicated to various gods and goddess as well. This shrine commands the stunning scenery of the majestic Shrikhand mountain peak as well.


Maa Hateshwari Devi, Drovada Dhar, Sunder Nagar


Maa Hateshwari Devi temple is located in the beautiful Drovada Dhar, Sunder Nagar located near Mandi town in Himachal Pradesh. This temple is one of the renowned temples in Mandi district and the people residing here have a strong faith in Goddess Hateshwari Devi.

Dev Mahu Nag, Mandi

Mahu Nag Devta is the main god of old Suket estate which is now known as Sunder Nagar. Mahu Nag Temple is located in the Mahu village of Karsog which is a subdivision of Mandi District and which is more than 100 kms away from Sunder Nagar valley.

Mahunag Temple

 Every year in the month of April, Dev Mahu Nag fair holds in Mandi District. This is an event whereby the gods and goddess of each and every religion are brought together to make and celebrate a wonderful combination. This fair is an annual fair that attracts an ample amount of devotees and tourists visiting the Mahu Nag Temple on the main Sanskranti Day. The beauty of this temple attracts numerous tourists throughout the year.

Bhootnath Temple, Mandi Town

The Bhootnath Temple is the oldest temple in Mandi District, dating from the 1500s. The temple was built by Raja Ajber Sen in 1527 AD and is located in the main street heart of the town. Bhootnath Temple is devoted to the Great Lord Shiva. The Nandi, Shiva's mount, located at the ornamented double arched entrance, faces the deity. The festival of Shivaratri is the prime event at this temple and the focal point of the seven day festival.bhootnath temple 2

A myth is also narrated to the building of the Bhootnath temple. It is said that in 1526, Raja Ajber Sen heard the story of a cow offering milk on its own wish to a particular stone in a forest in Mandi. Lord Shiva is also said to have appeared in the Raja’s dream and directed him to rescue the Shiva Linga that was buried at that site. Thereafter, the Raja found the Shiva Linga at the indicated location, which he sanctified in a temple that he erected in 1526, at the place it was found and called it the "Bhootnath temple" and started the observance of the Shivaratri festival at Mandi.

Ardhanari Temple, Mandi

The Ardhnari temple at Mandi is, compara- tively, a modern temple. The right half of the stone image in the temple represents the Siva and the left half his consort Paivati. Siva has his typical knotted hair and wearing a garland of skulls, an entwined serpent, a musical instrument in one hand and a Damru (drum) in the other. The divine consort Parvati is shown wearing a diadem, a pair of earrings and a ring on the nose. The icon is well executed from all standards.

There is a slab joined to the image on which the vehicles (Vahan) of the deities- the bull and the lion, are artistically carved. The images of Bhairon and Hanuman are also there. The temple consists of a cella, porch and a mandap. The carvings of the temple are of a high order. Ardhnari icons are rather rare in Northern India and the presence of this icon here is rather strange.

Prashar Temple

Spectacularly situated at a height of 2,730 metres above sea level, this small temple dating back to 14th centuary stands on the bank of a lake, which has floating circular island. It is 35 km. from Mandi town. prasharWith deep blue waters, this beautiful lake is held sacred to the sage Prashar (rishi). A three-tiered Pagoda-like temple dedicated to the sage lies by the lake - and he is regarded to have meditated here. No other temple in the Western Himalayas can rival the grandeur of the settings of Prashar Rishi. A fair is held here in the in the month of June every year, where people gather from all neighbouring villages. This lake is fed by small mountain streams.


The pilgrimage centre revered equally by the Hindus, the Sikhs and the Buddhist alike.Rewalskar temple mandi Rewalsar in Mandi district is about 20 km. from Mandi town. A natural lake with floating islands on it are a unique attraction of the lake one can see the Shiva temple, the Guru Gobind Singh's Gurudwara and Buddhist Monastery. The Hindus believe that it was here that the 'Lomas Rishi' held his penance in devotion to lord Shiva. Overwhelmed, Shiva gave the rishi, the seven floating islands in reward. This is a very sacred place. Other famous temples are Bhutnath and Triloknath.


Shikari Devi Temple

Tranquility for trekkers at a height of 3,332 metres above sea level. shikari-devi-temple-mandi

Captivating sunrise and sunset from the temple is soul stirring. You can reach the place from Karsog via Bakrot ( Chindi ) or via Gohar ( Budhakedar ). This is very beautiful place and provides a panoramic view of the surrounding area. One can easily feel sitting on top of the world here.