40th Free Surgical Eye Camp


It was a matter of great pleasure to all of us as members that Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha organized its 40th Free Surgical Eye Camp with the help of the Palampur Rotary Eye Foundation at Medical Center, Thachi, Distt. Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. It was held on June 01st, 2019. [Screening, surgery and post-operative examination and discharge respectively].

With joint efforts of our sabha members, our sponsors, patrons, doners, our numerous advertisers and local voluenteers, this camp was truly a grand success.

The people [especially elder ones] in general were notified and requested to make good use of our free services. Members of the Sabha were present at the location of the camp well in advance to organize and manage things effectively. On appeal of Sh. Kanshi Ram Verma, President and Sh.Kishorie Lal Sharma on behalf of Sabha, the general public suffering from eyes ailment joined the venue and saw the doctors and got benefitted.

This year more than 700 people were benefitted OPD at our camp. 58 Cataract operations of very poor people have been successfully done free of cost. Besides free medicines to all the patients, many pairs of eye-sight spectacles to the identified patients have been distributed free of cost.