mandi sabha

H.No. 8, (Top Floor), Sri Nagar Extension, Sindhora Kalan, Delhi - 110052

Advisor :    S.K. Bhandari                                                                                                 Advisor :    J.N. Jamwal

President: K.R. Verma (98112 20255)                Sr. Vice President :   K.L. Sharma (98111 19275)

                          Sr. Vice President: K.K. Saklani


General Secy. : Pritam Singh (84480 36549)    Treasurer :    Amin Chand Jaswal


Himachal Mandi Jankalyan Sabha (Regd.), Delhi was formed in 1961 by dedicated Mandians living in Delhi. Today this Body is in the forefront in doing a lot of excellent and praise-worthy humanitarian acts for the welfare of poor, down-trodden and less privileged people in the Society in many forms. These in brief are as under:-

  • In March-April 1989, this Sabha had arranged more than rupees three lakhs for the kidney transplantation of Mr. Sanjay Kumar, the only son of Smt. Gayatri Devi of District Mandi on the basis of her extreme poverty and got the kidney transplantation of her son successfully done in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.
  • In the very next year i.e. in 1990, the Sabha had arranged sufficient funds and to and fro air tickets in Air India for the costly treatment of very poor Sikh boy of Mandi town named Parminder Singh, S/o Sh. Chakrawarti Singh, the poor carpenter and thus enabled him to take his ailing son first to Italy and subsequently to Brigham (U.K.) for the bone marrow transplantation, who was then suffering from very dreaded disease named Thalassemia major.
  • Again in 1991 when the people of many parts of rural areas in districts Mandi, Hamirpur and Kangra suffered from dangerous gastritis disease which took the form of an epidemic, Sh.Sonu Ram Verma of Himachal Mandi Jankalyan Sabha, the then Senior Vice-President of Himachal Social Bodies Federation (Regd.) Delhi led the team of the social workers from Delhi and distributed medicines worth thousands free of cost to the patients suffering from gastritis through the Zonal Hospitals located at Hamirpur, Mandi, Dharamsala and Kangra.
  • The Sabha contributed for the construction of Three Community Halls/Dharemshalas in districts Mandi and Kangra.
  • This Body in the capacity of one of the affiliated units of Himachal Social Bodies Federation (Regd.) has contributed a lot both physically and financially in building ‘Himachal Sadan’ at Karampura, New Delhi, which consists of one big spacious Hall on the ground floor and 12 rooms on the first floor for the use of Himachalis and others on ‘no profit and no loss’ basis. Sh. Melaram Kharwal, former President of Sabha had played a pivotal role in building this Sadan in the capacity of Chairman of the Construction Committee.
  • This Sabha has very close and cordial association with the Palampur Rotary Eye Foundation and the Palampur Rotary Helpage Foundation for the last 20 years. This Sabha has as on date held as many as 32 free Eye Surgical Camps in the field in very remote and far-flung areas in district Mandi (HP) and in doing so this Sabha has helped the poor people in restoring their impaired eye-sight, which in turn contributed its bit in the National Campaign to remove blindness of the poor people living in far-flung areas and having no means to go to far places to cure their eyes.
  • Not only this, the Sabha within its limited financial resources is supporting four orphan and parent-less children staying in Ramanand Gopal Ashram, Saliana for the last over 20 years, which is maintained by the Palampur Rotary Helpage Foundations.
  • Sabha also arranged the funds to meet the pre and post expenses for by-pass heart surgery of Ms Samiksha  D/o Smt Vidya and Sh Nek Ram R/o Vill. Chattar Teh. Dharmpur, Distt Mandi H.P conducted successfully in AIIMS Delhi.
  • In the very recent past, this Sabha has also supplied stretchers to the Civil Hospitals located at Dharampur, Sandhol and Lad-Bharol in district Mandi. Also, the sabha donated stretchers to three primary and community health centers in remote and backward areas in district Mandi for the benefit and welfare of the poor patients.
  • In addition, the Sabha has also made substantial contributions in lakhs for the construction of two Dharmsalas in district Mandi i.e. at Mata Jalpa Janitri Mandir in Sub-Tehsil Dharampur and Sub-Tehsil at Sandhol and for Dharamsala of Baba Rudi Sidh Nag Mandir at Village Andretta in Tehsil Palampur.
  • Besides above, this Sabha regularly contributes reasonable financial assistance to the Chief Ministers’ Relief Funds and the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund to help the people affected by natural calamities such as Floods and Earth-quakes etc. This Sabha also gives financial assistance to individuals on their requests who suffer from dreaded diseases like Cancer and Kidney failure.
  • This Sabha regularly holds its Annual social functions and Himachali meets during the 'SAIR' season in grand style every year. While doing so, this Sabha is preserving the rich cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh in befitting and big way.
  • Sabha launched its website "" and released a documentary film covering all its activities.
  • Very recently on the pressing request of Sh. Sant Ram Rana S/o Sh Ram Singh, resident of Vill. Tramant ,Teh. Joginder Nagar, Distt. Mandi, H.P. this sabha keeping in view the poor financial condition and on humanitarian grounds, has collected/ given financial assistance for Rs. 63000/-(sixty three thousands ) for his KIDNEY TRANSPLANTATION successfully done in Feb. 2011 in SIR  GANGARAM HOSPITAL-NEW DELHI

  • By doing all the above works on purely social and humanitarian grounds, this Sabha has in fact brought name, fame and laurels for all the Mandians and other Himachalis living in Delhi who are staunch supporters of this Body. This is very much evident from the fact that during the last 20 years, without any aid from the Government, the Sabha has spent around Rs.56.5 lacs on all the aforesaid social works for the community.
  • Sabha is planning to construct a "Mandyal Sadan" in the state of New Delhi and establish an NGO/Academy to preserve the "Rich Culture Heritage of Himachal Pradesh".

  • The chain of the aforesaid social events as briefly discussed will be continued in future also with much more vigour and enthusiasm. The sole motive of this Sabha is to keep continue to help the poor, down-trodden and less privileged people in the society and the other social activities.