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Himachal Himachal

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha Himachal Mandi Jan Kalyan Sabha

HIMACHAL SOCIAL BODIES FEDERATION (REGD.) DELHI - is a social voluntary organization working over the years with several Social Sabhas (as it's affiliates) for upliftment of Himachalians living in Delhi / NCR and Himachal. Presently, Shri R K Sharma is the Chairman, Shri K.R. Verma is the Sr.Vice Chairman, Shri Rattan Pahl is the General Secretary and Shri B.C. Sharma is the Treasurer of the federation, besides other office bearers.


Prior to 1970, there were many registered social sabhas of district and tehsil level functioning independently in Delhi. It is late Dr.Yashwant Singh Parmar ji, Former Chief Minister of Himachal Pradesh, who opined and advised that since large number of Himachalis resides in Delhi, they should form some apex Social Body and bring all the Himachalis in one fold of such an apex body. It is at his instance and advice, some prominent and dedicated Himachalis living in Delhi formed the apex Himachal Social Bodies Federation in the Year 1971. After its formation, as on date, as many as 17 registered social sabhas of district and tehsil level mostly based in Delhi and some in the satellite towns of U.P. and Haryana at Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurgaon have got themselves affiliated to the Federation. As a matter of fact, this decision of formation of Himachal Social Bodies Federation was far reaching and historical. Central Capital, Delhi, is a “Mini Himachal” for the ten lakh Himachalis living in Delhi.


The main themes and aims of the Federation and its 17 affiliated units are purely social and humanitarian. Since the formation of the Federation in 1971, it has been doing a lot of social and humanitarian acts for its brethren living in Delhi and Himachal Pradesh in many forms, primarily to provide regular relief to the poor, the sick, the most needy and the people affected by natural calamities such as floods and earthquakes directly or through the Relief Funds of Chief Ministers and Prime Minister in their genuine and dire needs.

Some dedicated stalwarts like Shri G.S.Bali ji, Hon'ble MLA and Former Transport, Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Himachal Pradesh, Smt. Anjana Kanwar, Ex-Deputy Mayor of Delhi and Late Shri Narain Chand Prashar ji, former Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister, HP are the products of Himachal Social Bodies Federation, who from the social field have gone to the political field and their dint of hard work and labour became beacons for others to emulate them.

The Federation from its very beginning through its social forum has been making a lot of correspondence and interactions with the HP and Central Governments and also with all the seven Members of Parliament with regard to its various demands regarding Royalty of States Water Resources, expansion of Railway Network in the State, which has remained totally neglected since independence and to exploit the tourism and natural resources of the State for ultimate and long-term benefits and prosperity of sixty lakh Himachalis.


The main achievements of the Federation as on date has been this that with the cooperation of the affiliated sabhas, some prominent and dedicated philanthropists, particularly Shri G.S.Bali ji, Former Chairman of the Federation, the Government of Himachal Pradesh under the regime of Shri Virbhadra Singh ji as Chief Minister and other general public has built a Dharamsala/Sadan in the complex of Jai Jawala Dogra Mandir at Karampura, New Delhi – 110 015 consisting of one big hall on the ground floor and 10 rooms on the first floor for the utilisation of Himachalis and non-Himachalis on “No Profit and no Loss” basis. The said work of the Federation will remain everlasting legacy of the Federation. However, the basement floor of the Dharamsala/Sadan is yet to be dug and built for use and similarly the construction of another floor with 10 rooms on the second floor is yet to be undertaken, which is mainly held up for paucity of funds.


The Federation has a plan to start Himachali Public School in Delhi for the children of Himachalis residing in Delhi. The Federation has also undertaken the work of printing out a “Directory” of large number of Himachalis living in Delhi and in the satellite towns of Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurgaon with the cooperation of all the affiliated units.

The chain of the aforesaid social activities will be continued with much more vigour and enthusiasm in future also.

Affiliated Social Bodies of the Federation are :

Arki Tehsil Sudhar Sabha

Bilaspur Sevak Sabha

Changer Sudhar Sabha

Dehra Sudhar Sabha

Gaddi Vikas Samiti

Hamirpur Hitkarni Sabha

Dev Bhoomi Himachal Jan kalyan Samiti, Ghaziabad

Himachal Jan Kalyan Sabha, Ghaziabad

Himachal Jan Hitkarni Sabha

Himachal Welfare Association, Faridabad

Himachal Yuva Vikas Samiti, Ghaziabad

Kangra Jan Sudharak Sabha

Kangra Sabha

Nurpur Hitkarni Sabha

Palampur Sudhar Sabha

Una District Hitkarni Sabha

Zila Mandi Jankalyan Sabha